Security Vulnerability Assessment helps in finding hidden or undiscovered vulnerabilities in the system and network. Most of the successful attack rate is depend upon the vulnerabilities existence. It provides solution to find out the vulnerabilities with manual or automation approaches.

Here with Entrust solutions, we perform both automated and manual security testing because, Automated security testing can be a useful method for identifying some of the more common and known vulnerabilities, but websites often include custom code and have complex business logic. An automated tool lacks checking these aspects and can also generate many false positives which need to be investigated. So a combination of regular automated security testing combined with periodic manual checks is the most cost-effective way to perform web security testing. We guide, assist and build security and skills in organizations to reduce security risk.
Entrust solutions offer various ways for web application security testing, which include but not limited to:
  • business logic flaws
  • SQL injection faults
  • cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
  • authentication vulnerabilities
  • session ID flaws
  • Testing New Technology
  • cookie manipulation and poisoning
  • privilege escalation
  • cross site request forgery (CSRF) risks
  • code and content manipulation
  • header manipulation